Mr. Do Dzung

Senior Counsel
Hanoi Office
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Do Dzung is a Senior Counsel who specializes in corporate laws. Having 20 years of practice as a manager/ in-house lawyer in a world-leading (Japanese) company (over 10 years as Legal Manager, 7 years as Section Manager of Import & Export of Honda Vietnam-the country’s very top business, member of a global leading group), he possesses a unique combination of a deep understanding of corporate legal issues and excellent capabilities of using legal skills to win for his clients. He has played an important role in successfully resolving several legal issues varying from finance, banking, tax disputes, inspections to customers’ claims, etc. His working was not only within his company, but he has actively participated in common legal and government relation issues of Vietnam Association of Manufacturers of Automobiles (VAMA), Vietnam Association of Manufacturers of Motorcycles (VAMM), Japan Business Association in Vietnam (JBAV), Vietnam Business Forum (VBF). Those experiences help him become experienced and knowledgeable in multi-cultural business environment, especially about Japanese business culture that brings him advantages in working with his clients. Being excellent in scanning issues comprehensively yet immediately sensing the point, gifted with great analytical skills and sense of law, experienced in cooperating and working with many leading foreign lawyers and law firms, together with careful and very creative character, he is very capable of providing his clients with:

  • Timely consultancy right to what they need
  • Fight & win over authorities’ actions unfavorable for them, for example in tax or inspection matters
  • Wins in legal disputes, especially in regards of tax regulations.

Corporate Laws, Tax Laws, Corporate Governance.

MBA, Foreign Trade University, Major in International Business, Hanoi
BA, Foreign Trade University, Major in International Business, Hanoi
LLB, Hanoi Law University, Major in Law, Hanoi
Diploma on Business English, Sydney Metropolitan Business College, Hanoi branch

Vietnam Lawyers Association

Typical works

  1. Coordinated to win over a tax dispute worth USD 160 million+ (VND 3.4 trillion+) case which has been already concluded by Hanoi post-clearance customs led by the manager of post-clearance dept. This is a very big case that appeared on national media and TV as if many businesses were trying to hide tax. However, this was an unfair attempt by Government in trying to collect additional tax in the background of a budget deficit crisis. The successful counter-arguments by the company have become documented and disseminated in a seminar of Hanoi Law University.
  2. Successfully counter-claimed vs. Unreasonable environment Penalty decision already signed by Vietnam’s Environmental Administration General Director.
  3. Restructured the royalty contracts of the company into separate Technology-Transfer Agreements and IP Royalty Agreements so as to minimize the impact of royalty caps imposed by Vietnamese government and completely prevent the risk of additional import duty years before it had become an apparent risk (see # 4 below).
  4. Won over in a case where General Department of Customs (GDC) tried to additionally impose import duty on Royalty. In this case GDC’s Post-Clearance dep’t carried out a post-clearance check led by its Mgr. This case noteworthy for this very post-clearance delegation has successfully concluded on additional tax arrear on other similar FDIs.
  5. The first man to comprehensively pointed out unreasonable points of Consumers protection law since its draft
  6. In charge in successful creating & maintaining a very good legal structure in the company
  7. Managed to create a very good system to watch & take timely actions for related-laws’ making process to ensure to control all laws-related risks.
  8. Astonished National Assembly delegation, as well as a seminar organized by a big Australian Law Firm for a comprehensive comparison and analysis on changed points of drafts of 2015 Law on Investment and Law on Enterprises. 
  9. Invented & realized the 1-sheet covered contracts system. This system helps directors easy to check all core commercial clauses in the first one page where they sign on, all other legally-technical clauses are attached follow.
  10. Early sense potential risks to business when new laws are drafted so as to warn the concerned business take early actions, to name but some having found that during drafting incentive decree guiding Law on investment in 2016, at some middle steps the government have suddenly erased automobile industry from incentive areas, after that alerted Vietnam Association of Manufacturers of Automobiles (VAMA) to successful petition government to put it back into incentive area.
  11. Organized a comprehensive POA system of a giant company. This is noteworthy for that the POA system has become comprehensive, unified, effective yet easy-to-control system within a company with nearly 100 department managers.
  12. Proposed and then saw over a comprehensive plan to fight against copy motorcycles and parts, contributing to the complete elimination of copy motorcycles violating Honda IP. This is a noticeable change which happened over just a few years, turning Vietnam from a real kingdom of copy motorcycles (which dominated ~70% sold motorcycles) to complete extinction.