Corporate & Commercial

Incorporation services: Advice on business structure, documentation preparation, liaising and negotiating with local partners and working with competent authorities and obtaining license for incorporation of business such as company, branch, representative office, etc.

Post-licensing: Advising and assisting clients for fulfillment of various post-licensing requirements

Corporate governance: Advising clients on all respects of the corporate governance in respect of various forms of business, e.g. LLC, JSC, branch, representative office, etc.

Constitutional documents: Compiling and/or perfecting all constitutional documents and internal documents of business entity

Contractual documents: Documentation and/or negotiation of various kinds of commercial deals and other contractual documents such as joint venture contract, lease agreement, purchase agreement, sale and purchase agreement, distribution agreement, agency agreement, service agreement, etc

Business operation: Advice on all legal matters relating to business operation of an enterprise, such as taxes, labor and employment, import and export, customs, standardization, advertising, promotion, product safety and labeling and warranty, etc.